Monday, December 29, 2008

Sapphires galore!!

I was able to take Mindy to the Sapphire Gallery in downtown Phillipsburg to dig around a bag of dirt. This being my second time there, I had it figured out so I didn't pick out too many quartz. I did a bit better than my first trip, finding just under 6.5 carats! I think that I had found just under 5 carats the first time. My plan is to drop them off for heat treating when I pick Mindy's up in a few weeks. I would also like to have all of the pebbles treated as well so that I can make some different jewelry with them, since they are not cuttable.

It was a great afternoon out of Missoula. Michelle would have gotten a kick out of it. Maybe, just maybe, she will get a special treat with one of t
he sapphires that I found for our thirtieth birthday in August.

Justin was nice enough to join us on his way home to Missoula from Helena and took some great photos.

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