Friday, December 31, 2010

Photo Friday

As promised, here are photos from the past week...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Photo Friday...on Wednesday

With Christmas having come and gone, I realized that I forgot to post my pictures on Friday, Christmas Eve. While I still haven't been taking very many photos lately, I did capture last week's Lunar Eclipse, and Milo. It's looking like I will have photos for this week, and hopefully ON TIME!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Photo Friday

Last weekend we went tree hunting, however, those pictures are nowhere to be found. Not sure what happened to them, but I still have my tree. That I'll showcase in next week's photos. Lately it seems that I've been photographing kids more than landscapes, but I hope that that will change in the coming weeks, as I head up the snow covered mountains around Bozeman.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Photo Friday

So, here we are again. This week has been a busy week for me, with deciding to start a business and all, but I still managed to take some time and head to Chico, Montana for a night of relaxing and soaking. I still like Symes Hot Springs more, and I'm not sure why. Perhaps it is because it is the first place I went and soaked, or perhaps I like the mineral rich water more than anything else. Wherever I get to soak I am happy though. Not everyone has a natural hot spring within driving distance!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010 own business

I've decided to do it, after years of encouragement from family and friends. After hearing from several people that I should be creating jewelry because that's what I do best, I'm going to follow the path that I was starting to think was the wrong one. It is true that I was burned out at my old job; having to deal with a middle-aged woman's craziness, sizing ring after ring, with an occasional custom design thrown in the mix, and then not having enough work to keep me satisfied all contributed. Also knowing that I was sooo important to the higher ups, but they wouldn't fix the problems that kept making others, and myself leave. Let's just say that it didn't make me feel very necessary.

So I left, and the last couple of months have made me realize that no matter what I do, jewelry is my calling. I'm good at it, and what's more, I love doing it. So why shouldn't I try to make a go of it on my own? If I really want to do what I love, I should do it on my terms, that way, the only person responsible for my work related happiness is me.

I've been talking and thinking about it seriously for almost two months now and haven't done anything about it. I think I'm hung up on not knowing what to name my business. Maybe that's not the most important, but rather what kind of jewelry I'm going to make. To start out I'd like to work mostly in silver, copper, and brass, with some gold accents. With the metal prices the way they are, I think I'll be forced to go that route for a while, unless someone wants to commission me for something specific. My goal is to set up an Etsy account and sell at art festivals in the area.

Speaking of which, I have one this weekend that I am working for my other jobs with NA-GL and Rocky Mountain Sapphire Co., so I am going to make up some wine charms and see it they move or not.

Any words of encouragement or ideas for a name would be much appreciated!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Photo Friday

After taking a week off, again, from taking photos, I am back again this week. I only had the opportunity to shoot last weekend when Mike and I went to Big Sky for the weekend. We lounged around most of the day on Friday, and then went snowshoeing on Saturday. It was Twist's first long walk in the snow so I was kind of worried about going to far in but he absolutely loved it! In fact, he loves snow so much that when I throw snowballs for him, he goes and tries to find them. Although, he is still afraid of my camera, which I can't really figure out but I'll get him over that fear quickly enough.