Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More daylight is on the way!

It has officially come and gone: the first day of Winter, also being the darkest day of the year. On Sunday night I went with my boyfriend and a friend to a Solstice party hosted by a group of Wicans. It started late, and ended late, about 2 in the morning is when we got home. Still being relatively new to town, I didn't know anyone there, however they welcomed me into their home and festivities like I was an old friend. There was a "smudging" ceremony with a burning sage stick that was to remove all of the evil or bad energy from our bodies. That had to be done before we could go into the Ritual Room. There was chanting and a lot of ceremonial things going on that was very foreign to me.

Before the ritual was over, all of us were to ask for something in the New Year. I asked for myself to be compassionate, tolerant, and patient towards everyone, especially those whom it is hard to be all of these with.

After the ceremony we were fed a great Vegetarian feast, at about 1 am. It was delicious!

Anytime I am put into the new surroundings, I am that much more grateful for my friends here. They open my eyes to new possibilities and experiences that I will remember always.

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