Friday, November 19, 2010

Photo Friday

Last weekend Mike took me to Big Sky, MT. Beings as it was my first time there, we went on a short hike to Ousel Falls. Even though it was frozen on the surface, we could hear it from about a fifth of a mile away. It was a beautiful winter wonderland! If I could have walked on the water that wasn't frozen, I could have gotten even better pictures.

It wouldn't be Photo Friday without a shot of Twist, who has suddenly decided that since I get to sit on the couch, so does he. He's been doing very well adjusting, and has finally found his bark. He lets me know when someone is coming up my stairs by barking viciously and growling, only to cower behind me when I answer the door. What a great watchdog! Ha!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hunkering down for Winter

It's that time of year again when one does not venture outside as frequently, and as excitedly as in the warmer months. With the exception of snowshoeing, and hopefully skiing this winter, that describes me to a T. I find myself already tired of the short days and long nights, and they've only just begun. With the sun setting before 5 o'clock, and rising around 7:30, that's just over 9 hours of daylight. I'm always tired, and feeling sluggish.

So, to remedy that, I joined a gym this morning. I used to be a gym junkie back in Missoula, for spurts at a time, and find that I need to get back into that habit. Tonight will be my first time in well over two months, and I'm so excited! I've found a nice little gym about 2 miles from my apartment, and it just so happens that my boyfriend goes there as well, so I'll have a workout buddy some of the time. Besides going to the gym, I should also be taking Twist for daily walks, but sometimes he just doesn't want to go, especially if it is dark outside, so that leaves morning and lunchtime walks, which will get more difficult as we get busier here at work.

I need to take advantage of the long nights, besides going to bed at 9; what I need to do is resume my work on the Diamond course, and take the test. Perhaps that will be my goal for the next couple of days. As well as starting to design again. My associates and new friends here in Bozeman all adore my wine charms that I made and think I should make more for the influx of people that will come to town in the coming months. So much to do, and really, so much time to do it in!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Photo Friday

Yet another busy week here in Montana. I packed up all of my stuff and hauled it to Bozeman, and unloaded it all in 52 hours. Nothing broke, only a few little scratches on my bookshelf, and I'm working on getting settled. Moving day was a perfect day. The sun was out, it was quite warm and I had help from a couple of friends in Helena, and the guy that I'm dating helped load and unload.

On Monday, Bozeman got 5 inches of snow. I was kind of worried that Twist wouldn't like it and would fight going outside, but it turns out that he loves the snow. It's going to be a fun winter!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Photo Friday, catch up style

Last week was the first week since I started Photo Friday that I didn't get to post any pictures, so this week, I am doubling up a bit. The first couple are from a fly fishing trip south of Livingston, MT. A guy that I recently started dating took me and it was a blast! I caught three white fish, and let them all go. I had never caught a fish while fly fishing, so this was an extra special trip. I can't wait to go again!

Up next was my trip home to Iowa. Since I didn't have any pressing matters back here in Montana (no job) I decided to drive, and I took both Oliver and Twist with. I stopped in Denver to see a friend for a few days and then headed on home. It was not a surprise visit this time and I was able to see almost everyone that I wanted to.

While I was hanging out with my "old crew" I knew that this wasn't home any longer. It is where I grew up, and only that. I missed my friends, and will try harder to keep in touch, but home is truly Montana now. I couldn't wait to get back to the crisp air, mountain views, and winding rivers. What I once thought that I wanted in Iowa, I now want even more in Montana; a family. Many of my friends have children now, and it makes me want them even more. I was asked by several of them when I planned on starting a family. My response was, "when I'm ready." Well, I am. And perhaps I've met the person I'm supposed to have that family with, perhaps not. Either way, in the next couple of years, married or not, I plan on starting that family of mine. For now, I am happy with Oliver and Twist.