Monday, December 8, 2008

Just about caught up...

November 2008

As I had stated earlier, Missoula is now home to me. It has begun to bother me that it happened so quickly. I feel like a traiter to my hometown and family/friends. I feel that I should be missing them more than I do. Any maybe with the holidays fast approaching, I will. I was expressing these feelings to a co-worker/friend and she made me realize that maybe the reason I am so at home here, is because I am happy here. I didn't think I was unhappy in Iowa, but maybe I was not content. Whatever that means...

I was able to see my parents for the first time since June this month on web cam. My sister had bought it for me so that we could stay in touch, and it finally worked out that my parents were there one weekend and we were able to get online. was so nice to see them again, and it worked out so well that we all decided to get online again at Thanksgiving.

Ah Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday, and this would be my first one away from my family. I would be spending it in Helena with my boyfriend. What I thought that I would be missing the most was the fact that my family are big card players. Turns out that his family also likes to play cards. I learned a few new games and had a great time.

In past years, I have been overwhelmed with Black Friday. This year is a bit different because of the economy crisis. Hopefully it will pick up in December. we are up to date. These first several posts are really just for me to remember what I went through. I'm hoping that this blog will encourage me to get out and do interesting things that would be of interest for strangers to read. Also a way to keep friends up to date and maybe to show off my jewelry designs, which I have decided I need to get back into.

Thanks for reading...

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Jennifer said...

Hi Julie,
Do you guys play Canasta?? We're big card players.