Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some sweetness

My most recent sweetness is that I have found an apartment and it's perfect!

Why it's perfect: it is right across from the grocery store that I prefer to go to, in a nice neighborhood, close enough (1.9 miles) to bike to work, close to Justin and Blake's place, totally my style, and most importantly...I don't have to drive on Reserve Street to get everywhere.

I will start to bring things over from my other apartment tonight. Mostly things that I know I won't need or can get by without until the final moving date of June 7th, when I will move my furniture and start staying there. Already the decorating ideas are running through my head, and Justin and I have talked about using Feng Shui techniques.

As far as the view outside goes, I can see the upper half of Mt. Sentinel from my deck, so it will be perfect for sunrises, which I am occasionally awake for in the summer, and am always awake for in the winter here in Montana. I can easily bike to the M trail head and hike up a bit for spectacular views of the sunset and Lolo Peak.

Storage might be a problem, however not as bad as I had previously thought. I am still using this move as an opportunity to rid myself of excess and will be having a garage sale sometime in June.

I'm so happy, I can't stop giggling. Hehe...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

20 different directions

This week has been crazy. Actually, the last couple of weeks have been just a notch below this week on the crazy scale. I've been overbooked on repairs much of the time, only to find that the next day I don't have enough to do, and then the day after that, being overbooked yet again.

On top of being super busy, my coworkers have come to me several times asking if I can squeeze something else in. Of course, they aren't really asking. I know that I should accommodate them, especially if it is a decent sale, but part of me is getting very annoyed with our societies need for instant gratification. Really, do you need it NOW? You haven't had this thing at all, so what makes it suddenly so important that you can't possibly be without it for a day or two?

The week promises to continue in much of the same fashion. My store is having a special sale this weekend for which we have brought in extra jewelry, diamonds and gemstones. With this remount show comes the rush of "hurry up and finish this," of which I should be used to considering the last couple of weeks, however, I feel that some people (coworkers and customers) will have unrealistic expectations. At these sure to be stressful moments, I must remember what I am capable of.

Though the last couple of weeks have been stress filled at work, all is well on the home front. I am able to vent, which for me is very helpful, albeit sometimes a bit redundant.

I start everyday knowing that things could be worse, but wishing they were...easier.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The sweet isn't as sweet...

For those of you unfamiliar with the phrase, it concludes with "without the sour". Lately I am starting to realize this. None of these realizations are bad...I just now have the opportunity to think about it.

To start, last weekend, I helped move Justin into his new place. Most of his belongings are gone from my apartment, and he is working on getting settled and spending his first night there tonight. He was a great roommate! I know that I will miss falling asleep with him
every night, and miss having coffee with him almost every morning. You get the idea. It was fun...after dinner many nights we would walk around outside and take sunset photos, sit in the hot tub, enjoy wine and many conversations. So much sweet...

What I realized while Justin was staying with me, was that I do need alone time. I suppose this is something that I just got used to not having, until I moved to Montana and lived alone for the first time in three years.

As I prepare to move to a more central location in June, I find myself a nice neighborhood setting more important than the view? I've grown to love Lolo Peak, but have noticed that in town, you really can't see much. I realize that the views will always be a short bike and hike away, however, it is nice to just step outside my door and there it is. I have grown restless in my apartment complex though, and I am sure that my desire to have a more homey feeling residence will beat out the view, unless I can get both!

Experiences are priceless...regardless of whether they are sweet...or sour.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An evening with Kalai

Last night I was delighted to babysit my boss's 7 month old son. He is such a good baby and everytime I get to hang out with him, he somehow makes me chill out. Kalai is not yet crawling, but is quite the scooter. He likes to use people and furniture to stand up against. I suspect that he will be even more of a handful in the coming weeks. Good luck Landon and Mo!

Kalai tried to make me look bad at the very end. He had been perfectly happy all evening and then he decided to start crying 5-10 minutes before Mom and Dad came home. Of course, when he saw them, he was all smiles again. I guess no one can replace the comfort that mom and dad can give.

While it is no secret that I want children someday, I am just fine with it being me and Oliver. In the meantime, I have friends here with children, and I will get my fix with their little ones, and if/when they get difficult, I can just hand them back over :)

Kalai is all smiles...95% of the time.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Finally catching up

Not much has been going on in the last week, except that I feel like I am finally caught up on the little things. I finally went through some photos and sent them to be printed last night, an act that has taken me almost two months to get accomplished.

I am slowly catching up on my reading. I'm working on six months of Reader's Digest. Who would think that a little magazine like that would be hard to stay caught up on? Also, Mindy subscribed me to Women's Health at the start of the year, and I am now just one month behind.

As I have just started really working out again in the last week, I am finding the magazine most helpful, along with David Zinczenko's "The Abs Diet for Women". Read a great article about it here. I'm not sure if I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I started reading this last August. Made it to the exercise section and stopped reading since I was already working out. Now, not having formally worked out for several months, I want to tone and strengthen my body, and what better way than to try out this guy's workout. So, I have started and WOW, I feel great! I have been getting up before work and going to the gym and have found yet again, that it really does get me going for the day.

On Tuesday, Justin went for a 6+ mile run and I rode my new bike along with him, in the toughest gears, going down most of the side roads and then rejoining him. I don't know how far I went, but it was a fun workout, and the clouds and mountains looked amazing at 6:30am.

My bike is a Costco purchase, because I got too lazy to build my own. Got a great deal and I am looking forward to riding it often. It really makes me anxious to move to a more centralized location in June when my lease is up, so that I may bike to work, downtown, and friend's homes.

Oh, and just to let everyone out there know...May is here, and it is GREAT!