Saturday, December 6, 2008

It all began 8 months ago...

April 2008

I went to work that Saturday thinking I was content with how my life was going so far. By mid-day, that would all change.

I was offered a transfer/promotion to move from Iowa to Montana. And, ironically, to the city in Montana that I had visited four years earlier, just to see if I would ever want to live there (I concluded that I would). This decision was not an easy one. I was, after-all, in a long term relationship, and I owned a house in a market that would be difficult to sell in. I had also never lived away from home, but that was not a big concern. I had a lot to think about, and only four days to figure it out.

My first thought was "YES!" I wanted to go, but I wanted my relationship to continue, if it was meant to. He was gracious, and said he would look into it and consider it. I already knew that he would not want to go. His friends, family, and a good job were all in Iowa, as were mine. We talked a lot about it...and where our lives were going. I decided to stay.

My Manager was surprised, yet very happy that she would not be loosing me as an employee. I called and turned down the job and went on with the tasks at hand, thinking that everything was as it should be.

The next day, I arrived at work with an urgent message to call my trainer. Knowing that the call was going to be about me turning the move down, I called with a heavy heart, for I still wanted to go. After 45 minutes on the phone with him, I had a week to reconsider, before they would look at someone else for the job.

We talked...a lot. We made the decision together. Eight days after it was first offered, I decided that I would move to Montana, and he would not. Our almost four year long relationship would end, and we would move on...

Now, I just had to tell my parents that I would be moving in two and a half months. My Mom was at first not happy, then realized that it was exactly what I had always wanted to do. My dad, on the other hand, didn't want his little girl to move nineteen hours away.

I was moving to Montana, and I was excited!

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