Saturday, December 27, 2008

Breweries, Hot Springs and good times...

Yesterday Mindy and I had to run some errands before heading to Symes Hot Springs, and found ourselves at all three of Missoula's breweries. Chatting with bartender, locals and one another, we decided to get a couple of growlers of beer to take with us to the hot springs. We were set!

Arriving after dark, we were quickly into the hot water. How relaxing it was! A bit of a different smell, but my skin felt so good! I would sleep well. We got to chatting with some of the people in the tub and found that it really is a small world after all. One of the women was visiting from Washington DC, but was talking of a job she had had at a university in Iowa...ISU to be exact. It seems that anywhere I go I meet someone with ties that are very close to home for me.

While soaking, it started to snow a bit. It was the perfect touch to a great night. I only wish that my sister could have made it. She would have loved it! I will definitely be returning for another soak.

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