Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oliver's new friend

Monday morning was our first in the new apartment. While I was enjoying my morning coffee and reading the Missoulian, I noticed that we had a visitor out on the patio. A lone squirrel was very curious about Oliver, and Oliver was very curious about him. So this morning, I was ready with my camera when the little creature returned. He seemed to know that he was safely positioned on the opposite side of the glass door, and thus started his taunting. He would start on the railing, flicking his tail, then jump up on the roof, where he would peer down to see if he was setting the cat off. Oliver calmly watched, but after a few minutes he was jumping up against the door. I think he would not harm the squirrel, but rather just play with him. However, I'm certain that if it did turn into a fight, the squirrel would win, as Oliver has no claws.

The squirrel must have told his friends, because not long after all of this started, two more little guys showed up, and shared their little buddies antics of torment.

We will see if they show up tomorrow.

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