Monday, June 8, 2009

A new rhythm

Yesterday was moving day for me. With the help of four great friends, my furniture is in my new apartment. This was no easy task. I have a queen size bed (with a split box spring), a very heavy chest of drawers, a recliner/rocking chair, and the killer of it all...a sleeper sofa. And, I was on the third floor, moving to a second floor apartment across town (with very steep stairs). The guys pulled it off very well, with some joking (I think) about just lowering the sofa over the last railing into the bed of the pickup.

After all the moving was done I headed across the street to the Food Farm and picked up the fixins' for spaghetti and some beer (from Bayern of course).

Oliver is adjusting quite well, however, he did have me a bit scared when Justin and I returned from our sunset perch. We searched high and low and there was no sign of him. He did emerge when he felt safe again (from where, I have no clue). Today he is busy trying to get into all of the places I would prefer he stay out of, as children will do.

What is great about this neighborhood is that so much is so close. Besides the grocery store, there is a bike shop a block and a half away (which I dropped my bike off at this morning and was ready for pickup within the hour), a veterinarian at the end of the alley, multiple friends within a few blocks, and Caras Park is within a few minutes bike ride.

My decorating plan is to only hang my art and have the apartment be a sort of gallery. I have no problem with this, as I am always looking for a reason to go out and shoot more of Montana's great vistas. Not that I need a reason, but rather just the motivation.

So, I set out now to find a new rhythm...


Brittany said...

Oh Julie, I am so jealous of your stellar pad. The Food Farm is also my beloved grocer. You need to look up "The Apology Song" by The Decemberists (a local-ish band).

My favorite part goes:

I meant her no harm
When I left her unlocked
Outside the Orange Street Food Farm
I was just running in
Didn't think I'd be that long
I came out, she was gone
And all that was there was some bored old dog
Leashed up to the place where your bicycle had been
Guess we'll never see poor Madeleine again

HILARIOUS! And so Missoula (although I still refuse to lock my bike up - most of the time). Enjoy :)

Post Script - I want to see more pics!

Julie said...

I will post more pics as soon as the remaining boxes are put away and it feels more like home!

I will certainly check out that song.