Monday, June 29, 2009

All done

Well, almost. Tomorrow I turn in the keys to my first apartment here in Missoula. I've kept them for tonight, just in case Justin and I decide to soak in the hot tub one last time. I am so happy to be out of there and in my new place. Just driving up there to grab the last few items remaining was a pain.

It seems that I only drive now if I have to, which is not very much. I am enjoying riding my bike (or walking) to work and to friend's homes. I'm feeling great and enjoying the neighborhood, although it is time to change up my running route. I have gotten bored with the way home, which is the same way there.

Tomorrow will be a new route, and a longer one as well, as I am preparing to run my first 5k (perhaps 10k but we will see) at the end of July. Anyone out there who runs a lot probably thinks "5k, who mentions a 5k?" This is a big deal to me, as I have never run one, and have had a pretty painful year due to running. I am shooting to finish in 25 minutes or less (I have short legs, and am only 5'4" tall), but will not push my body past it's breaking point. So far so good. I've had a few "twitches" in my lower back and right hip in the afternoons after my run, but nothing that has persisted much more than a couple of hours. I also think that my body is getting used to running again because I am no longer getting side cramps that about make me want to curl up and die. :) For now I am running every other day, and on those off days, I am lifting weights.


Brittany said...

Good for you Julie!

Celebrate the 5K girl! My first official run was the four mile River City Roots Festival Run - the race STARTS with running up Greenough Drive hill so I celebrated just keeping up for the first quarter mile.

When I have tightness or pain I visualize sending my breath to that spot. If I consciously attempt to relax the ache then often it goes away. But I've never had twitching!

Good Luck! Can't wait to see Justin's photos of you crossing the finish line :)

Julie said...

Thanks Brittany!

I am really enjoying running again. I didn't get a stitch today but will remember your advice on how to deal with it. The twitching is due entirely to my messed up disc in my lower back. So far so good.