Friday, July 31, 2009


I have a love-have relationship with running now. I love to run, but I hate the pain that it is inflicting.

Two weeks ago (at the end of my first official 1/2 marathon training week), I noticed that my right leg felt off. Not numb, but not not numb. It's a strange feeling, very similar to the feeling I would get in January. It went away after a 3 mile run so I continued with my training. I ran the 5K last Saturday and was fine. I ran 4.5 miles on Monday and could have easily run more. Then, on Tuesday, I rode my bike to work, walked into the store and my lower back/hip started to ache. It didn't get any worse but by the next morning, I decided that I should head into the bone cracker. He adjusted me and it seemed to help. I made a follow up appointment for the next morning, which turned out to be an excellent set. Going to the gym beforehand felt great as well, and didn't seem to irritate anything.

Then, this morning, I ran 4.5 miles a little bit slower than Monday's run, but I did run it all. I felt a bit of pain in my hip but it wasn't that bad. Yet again, I rode to work, was a little bit stiff but the stiffness went away, just as a sharp pain settled into my hip joint. Thankfully (I'm so optimistic) the pain is only when I am putting weight on my left leg, but seems to ease as I walk around and loosen up.

I can't see my doctor until my Monday morning appointment. I want to run my 7 miles on Sunday. I've been told and read that if I don't feel pain, that it's a go, but if there is pain, I should hold off.

I am starting to take fish oil and glucosamine along with my other daily vitamins so hopefully that will offer some relief.

Please, please let me be able to continue to run.

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