Monday, July 20, 2009

Quick trip to Glacier

This past Saturday, I left work a bit early (no surprise here) to head up to Glacier National Park to meet up with a retired former co-worker from Iowa. Karen and her husband were staying with some friends in West Glacier and as it is under 3 hours away, I decided to head up and spend the evening and most of Sunday with them.

It was great catching up and being able to reminisce about how work was in Ames, how it was different here, and how much she loves not working anymore! After I filled her in on all of the great stuff that I get to do on my days off, she understood completely why I love living in Montana so much.

We headed into the park after breakfast and I was able to make it past Logan Pass for the first time since 2004. It was a bit chilly with the windy conditions, but well worth getting out at several stops along the way.

On the way to Many Glacier, we came upon something that all five of us were hoping for: a bear sighting! Definitely a young Grizzly, there was no mother in sight, so we concluded that he was probably 2 years old and had just gotten the boot from mama bear.

My first Grizzly sighting!

We made it to Many Glacier Lodge where the views were spectacular. I checked out some information about a boat ride (2 actually) and a guided hike to Grinnell Glacier, which may be a fun weekend trip for Justin and I. Now, all we need is the time to go! With the beauty that the park has to offer, I don't think either of us will have too much trouble finding the time.

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Mike said...

If you're going to the Many Glacier area, I suggest the Iceberg Lake Trail, an easy 10 mile round trip with very little elevation change. One of the prettiest lakes in Glacier. Get an early start (before 8 A.M.) to avoid the crowds.