Monday, July 13, 2009

Missoula Marathon 2009

Sunday was the third annual Missoula Marathon. I had already planned on cheering for my friend Taren and taking photos of her at the finish line when I got a message from Blake to come watch the runners/walkers pass in front of his house 3 blocks away. So I grabbed my coffee and was off. The energy on Walnut Street was inspiring, which made me realize, that maybe, just maybe, I could run a half marathon soon. Which is exactly what Justin was telling me in the days leading up to his departure for LA (he left on Saturday). Hmm, something to think about.

As the 4:45 pacer passed, I started to worry that we had missed my friend, so we started to walk up town, along the route. There she was! I was so excited to see her that I got goosebumps! Way to go Taren! 4 more miles to go...

With a quick call to Kimber (Taren's roommate and my very good friend) we were headed up to the finish line. I have never felt that kind of energy! We knew no one else running, but everyone that passed by we cheered for. Their smiles and shouts of thanks got us even more into it!

Taren crossing at 5:02:20

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