Friday, July 17, 2009

The match is lit

I feel like I have so much to do, and I want to do all of it! First on the list is to decorate my apartment, which I started to do last Monday. Now I just have to pick out more photographs to have printed, which is always fun, and get them into their frames and on the wall. Next on the list is to start working on Italian, again, on a regular basis. Actually, that should be first on the list, so that I start it TODAY! Next up is to start making Mindy's way late birthday pendant and get it to her ASAP. Also I must finish another person's birthday gift and photograph it. And of course, there are the usual side distractions, like reading a good book, hanging out with friends, etc...

As far as work goes, I need to get my practice tests done so that I am ready to take the actual tests. I have scheduled time for next week to finish the one test I have already started (back in January), and all I have to do now is assemble it and set a stone. I should be especially motivated to do this, since a higher wage is involved once I have passed the Master level.

So, the fire has been lit, now only time will tell how long it stays ignited!

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