Thursday, July 16, 2009

Training for a half marathon

Yep, I'm gonna do it. The plan is to run a half marathon while Justin runs a full marathon in Pocatello, ID. I never thought that I would run any kind of race, let alone a half marathon, but the energy this past weekend at Missoula's marathon convinced me to give it a try. I have been planning since the end of June to run a 5k on July 25th (which, by the way, fits right into my training schedule) with my boss but didn't think I would do anything more than that.

Blake hooked me up with a training program that just seems to fit. I am jumping in at week 5, which is exactly how long I've been running again, and the training schedule concludes right in sync with the half marathon on September 5th.

On Monday I joined Golds gym and resumed my lifting routine after a two week hiatus. On Tuesday, I was aware of every muscle in my body. After work, I was to run 4 miles, as per the schedule, but my abs were so tight and painful that I was only able to run 3. Wednesday morning I was able to run the prescribed 2 miles and did very well. Today's workout is to include lifting (which I did before work) and running 4 miles. I'm not so sure it will be in my best interest to run today, so I may shift the schedule around a bit and run tomorrow instead of resting, and take Saturday off instead of cross training. I ride my bike to work everyday so I think this kind of adjustment will be fine. Sunday's 6 mile run will be done very early in the morning as it is to get into the upper 90's that day. Now if only I could get Google Maps to load so I can figure out a good route...

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