Saturday, July 25, 2009

A ladder is all you need...

...when you live in the upper story of a house, and your door has mysteriously locked itself upon closing. That is precisely what I came home to after a quick trip up to Caras Park with Blake and Kristy. I know that I didn't lock the door. My neighbors were downstairs on their deck so I asked for their help, thinking that maybe I just need stronger leverage to lift the door a bit and then slide. This does not work.

We scan the neighborhood for a ladder, and find one leaning against the Euro shop next door. I wander over there and ask a lady on the back porch if I may borrow it. "Sure, sure" was her reply (I'm not really sure she understood me, as she spoke very choppy English and her Greek accent was strong). My neighbors Tom, and Marissa help me get the ladder up against the house and up to the second story window, where I will attempt to climb in. I should let you all know, I am afraid of heights, and the wobbly ladder did not help.

I made it to the window and the screen came out quite easily. I tossed it inside and followed it in. As it turns out, there is something wrong with the lock. I forced it to unlock and have yet to see if it will work and not have the same problem again.

I should note that I did make sure no police officers were around to arrest me!

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