Friday, October 22, 2010

Photo Friday

Here it is again. These are the only photos worth sharing this week, and they are both from Missoula. Twist walked right into the river for a drink of water, and a few seconds later was scared by the sound of Brennan's Wave. I am slowly making headway with him and his fears. He will always be a bit timid, but he is getting better as the weeks go on and the love keeps coming his way.

I'm off to Bozeman today to talk PR with a potential new employer and to go on a fly-fishing trip tomorrow. On Sunday I will head to Denver, CO to see Eve for a few days. Then I'll be heading to Iowa to see family and friends. I'm so ready for this trip, but not at the same time. Packing up Oliver and Twist has proven to be more challenging, but what is worse is that I have no clue how they will take this long of a trip. In total, we will be in the car for right around 22 hours. At least it will be broken up.

For now, I'm off!

1 comment:

Brittany said...

Safe Travels Julie, Twist and Oliver!

Sounds like life is taking you for a ride and requiring a bigger transition than anticipated, good luck!

Wishing you health and happiness and freedom from suffering!