Friday, October 8, 2010

Photo Friday

What a busy three weeks it has been! I've hardly had time to go out and take photos, but last weekend finally changed that. Eve and I took our dogs on a short hike and Twist loved it! He did get a little carsick on the way to the trail head, but I think that most of that was due to going up and down streets and how warm it was.

He doesn't really like the Gentle Leader that I put on him, but it does help me control him. I've noticed that it is chaffing his nose so I'm easing off it a bit. Otherwise, life with a dog is great! He is still quite attached to me, which is just fine if you ask me. Oliver still is very uninterested in him, while occasionally getting frisky with him. Oliver doesn't seem to be mad at me for bringing in another attention stealer, as he still gets perks that Twist doesn't, like sleeping on the bed.

This weekend, I chose not to go back to Missoula. I miss it very much but didn't want the hassle after a stressful week. And the thought of it being First Friday was too depressing. Hopefully next weekend will find me in my beloved Missoula again.

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