Thursday, October 14, 2010


There are many different definitions of family. Of course, the biological family is first and foremost the most important. My parents, as difficult as they can be at times, are irreplaceable. I love them, and am sure that I don't tell them as much as I should. My eldest sister I don't talk to enough, but I can tell that when I do, she loves me. It warms the heart, and makes me ever more eager to see her in a few weeks. However, I chose the weekend of my visit for my other sister. The weekend that she is not working. Did I consider that Jill might be working? No. Hmm, I should be thinking about her as well. Bad sister, Julie...

On the few occasions per year that I am blessed with seeing my biological family, it is great. Nothing is better, and I feel loved.

In the interim, I have family here in Montana as well. For the past two years, they were my co-workers at my last job. I am still very attached to many of them, and not to others.

Here in Helena, I have family too, however, I sometimes think that I should let them go, as they are not mine anymore. That does not make me love them any less.

Hug your family tonight...and say I love you.

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