Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This last weekend found me in Missoula for my first visit since moving to Helena a month ago. I was excited to get out of town and into the one that had been home for so long. I brought Twist with and he was a champ, considering how timid he can be. He warmed up to our hosts, Joe and Amy relatively fast and didn't cause any problems with the resident cat, Charlie.

What I soon realized was that I was not happy in Helena. Don't get me wrong, it's a great town, but...when you're miserable at work, it's hard to see the good in anything. My high hopes for my career move were slightly tainted at the end of the first week, only to get progressively worse the second, third, and fourth week. Verbal abuse and being made to feel like my bosses personal slave was enough to make me strongly question why I was working for him. Upon meeting up with my best girlfriends in Missoula, they were able to get it out of me very quickly that I was not happy. They were worried about me. I hadn't been my usual perky self even on the phone with them. They told me they were behind me no matter what I chose to do, but that no one should have to feel the way I was about a job.

Monday was the breaking point for me. I was so stressed out and nervous within 10 minutes of my boss arriving at work, that I felt ill. A couple of friends that are familiar with my situation, one having seen the abuse, convinced me that we could work something out, and that it just wasn't worth it.

So, Tuesday morning, I went in and quit. And then came home and took a three hour nap. Today, I feel GREAT! I know I've made the right decision and a better opportunity is on the horizon.

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