Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Tempest

The week's theme of free entertainment continued last night and will again tonight. Montana's Shakespeare in the Park is in Missoula! Wednesday night's production was The Tempest. Not being a Shakespeare expert, it was at first hard to follow. Getting into the rhythm of the language I was soon captivated. The actors I felt were very into their characters and seemed to be having a lot of fun, as was the audience. While I did follow the play quite well, I will not say much more about it, just in case my interpretation is totally off. All I will say is that I went to it thinking it was more of a drama. During later conversation with Justin, we both concluded that it was more of a romantic comedy.

Nora, Blake, Amy, Justin (not pictured), and myself enjoyed Le Petit bread, smoked gouda, and mild cheddar cheese, along with a bottle of wine during the production.

For tonight's show, Two Gentlemen from Verona will be performed. I will be joining up with Amy and Nora again, which is always a fun time.

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