Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Training has begun...again

It has officially begun again...except this time, instead of training for a half marathon, I am training for a marathon. I took a week off after my half marathon and am now wishing I hadn't. I was so excited and well rested for my run on Monday that I probably pushed myself too much. I ran 4 miles in 32 minutes, 36.81 seconds which figures out to be an 8 minute, 9 second pace. (By the way, that is the fastest I've ever run 4 miles). Right away I knew that my legs were tired, and just not used to running for several days, and my lungs were burning almost the entire time. I didn't realize I was running that quickly until I got home and checked my time. I will have to be careful so that I don't get burnt out or hurt myself.

I have once again selected Hal Higdon for my training coach. Well, I've at least selected his guide for marathon training. I look forward to doing the longer runs with my boyfriend Justin, and a new friend from his marathon, Helen. I will be jumping back into training in the middle of the second week and changing the schedule up a bit. I will be pushing everything back a day, so as to have my long run on Sundays, as it is always one of my days off. I'm also going to do some light weight training as well as some Yoga, but keep it to a minimum so I don't bulk up or injure myself.

As I woke up this morning in the almost still dark at 7am, I realized that I am going to have to start running in the evenings, or just learn to love running in the dark. Either way, by mid November, both morning and evening runs will be by the light of my headlamp. Oh well, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it, right?

I look forward to having a schedule is a great motivator and it seems to be what really pushes me to go out and hit the trails.

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Mindy said...

I looked at the training schedule you've chosen and it looks good. As long as the Saturday runs don't break you, you'll be set to rock the P.F. Chang Marathon! That schedule looks similar to what I am doing except I haven't incorporated any mileage over 8 miles, yet. I'd like to start bumping my long runs to 12 in the next week.