Sunday, September 27, 2009

All about Oliver

Oliver is a source of amusement, frustration, and of course, love. I have had him in my life since July 2006, when I rescued him from certain death on a farm back in Iowa. He was just five or six weeks old and in desperate need of TLC. The grass in this photo would have dwarfed him, that's how small he was. He quickly blossomed into the 12.75 pound maniac that he is today.

Recently, I really want to know what he is thinking. Most days, and nights, he is quite normal. However, this past week he has been a nightmare. Constantly under foot, following me everywhere, in general being a pest. This includes when I am trying to sleep. He starts at about 2am, sniffing my ear, wanting under the covers, then wanting out, only to come back and start licking my ears. He is driving me crazy! I try to tell myself that this is my fault, because I have been so busy lately and he is just in need of some attention from me. So, I stay home for a couple of hours and just focus on him. I don't read, I don't draw, nothing but play with him. This has done nothing to make him calm down. I have checked him over to make sure he has no injuries or pests and he seems to be fine. A couple of months ago, I found an article about cats and their owners, or I should probably say, about cats and their slaves. Read it here.

Hopefully he just has extra energy due to this wonderful weather that we have been experiencing and will calm down soon. Until then and after, I will continue to give him as much attention as I can, and of course, my love and affection.

Oliver, late August 2009

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Mindy said...

I can't say I ever want to live with a cat again, but I do miss Oliver. Yeah he can be quite the pest at night, but you know he is just that unique creature that always captures your attention. Don't hurt my cat!