Sunday, October 4, 2009

Finally, pictures of my apartment...

I have lived in my apartment for exactly 4 months. I finally have it decorated, and almost always know where everything is. It is kind of a deluxe studio, with a layout in a T shape, with the kitchen being the upright of the T and the bedroom/living space the horizontal of the T. Here are a few pictures...
This is the kitchen. My favorite part of the kitchen is the brick chimney that is exposed. I have also really enjoyed the long counters for food preparation. The light coming in from the sliding has also been very nice.

This is the view from the West end of the apartment, looking towards the bedroom. What I love about this room is the hardwood floors and how well all of my stuff fit.

This is the view from the East, looking towards my favorite place, the windows. I have sat many mornings with my coffee and newspaper, enjoying the morning sounds. I've also spent many evenings trying to study Italian, or read a book, but instead, falling asleep in my comfy rocking recliner.

I'm not really sure why I haven't posted these sooner, except that I finally made the time to take the pictures on Wednesday. The reason I made the time to take the pictures is because I am moving again. Yep, I took the pictures just so I could post my apartment for rent on Craigslist. I have gotten many inquiries and already have an applicant waiting to be approved. I should hear tomorrow, which is also the day that I am moving out. I will be staying with Justin and Blake until the end of October, when Justin and I will be moving out of their apartment, and into our apartment.

The possibilities are endless with this move, and I look forward to this new journey.

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