Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What to do?

Ah, what to do with a night without plans. It seems that I have been so busy lately, that I have no idea what to do with a free night. However, tonight, I found myself without plans, except not to go home. Hang out with friends (which it turns out were all busy) or chill alone, away from home. With only the latter as a choice, I found myself apprehensive about it all day, until it was time to leave.

I left work and headed to The Bridge Pizza. I have always liked it there but had never gone alone. As I enjoyed my slice of pie and a Cold Smoke, I people watched, and just enjoyed my surroundings. Frank Sinatra style music was on the overhead, and I really relaxed. I wondered what I had been apprehensive about. I was...calm. I had no worries, no anxiety, nothing of stress, for almost an hour. As I was getting up to leave, I glanced to my left, and a friendly, middle aged woman smiled at me. I felt a need, a want, to sit down and chat with her. We both gushed about how much we enjoy this town that I am proud to call home. I found it difficult to leave, and feeling as though I should invite her along, I couldn't, knowing that I needed tonight to be just about me.

From there, I headed to The Wilma Theater. Having been there a couple of times before with Justin, but never alone, I was unsure of which film to see. I chose Sunshine Cleaning. I sat in the front row of the balcony and took in the experience. What a fabulous film! I giggled, smirked, and even found myself teary a few times. I had never heard of this film, however, leave it to the Wilma to shed light on an under exposed gem. I encourage all to go out and see it.

From there, I headed to Pattee Canyon for a drive. As it was snowy and overcast in Missoula, I was just decompressing, letting the "real world" back in. After that, I headed to a shop, where, as luck would have it, I parked next to Justin. I had thought to call him to see if I should pick anything up, just as he had thought to call me about the same. Same page...almost. He was upbeat, and I found myself growing moody and unsocial. I need to be happy...not just for the people around me, but for me.

I should note that things are going great for me. I am currently doing a lot of custom design at work, relationship is great, etc. I just seem to be in an April funk right now.

I eagerly await May.

Iris that I planted in my flower garden in Iowa.


harpreet said...

Hi Julie
came across you're blog with some random clicking ...though not read in detail (as i am travelling abroad today) but extremely serene pics
Also very creative jewellery designs..... Cheers Harpreet


Buddhist_philosopher said...

Wow - sounds like a very nice evening! :)

Julie said...

Harpreet, thanks for the comment. I really enjoy taking great photos. Stop back again soon.

Justin, it was a great evening. Sorry I got moody. Things have a way of working out and I hope that applies to my grumpiness.