Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bad start, great finish

I've been busy this week. What started out as a bad week, is turning out to be a great one. Having a patient and understanding boyfriend helps, as does having great friends.

Tuesday, I met some friends for a sushi dinner. The night ended with a couple of us going out to the Rhino for drinks, where I ran into a fellow Iowan (how ironic, home is always present in my life). Sometimes I think that I am trying to forget the past, and then, out of nowhere, it somehow sneaks up on me again.

Wednesday, I noticed that Spring was here. On the way to a massage clinic at the University, I saw my first bud emerging. Perhaps it is just a coincidence that since 2002, the first bud of Spring that I have seen has been on April 8th. I kind of thought that it would be later this year but I am very happy to see that Spring has arrived in Missoula.

Today, I had planned on spending a much needed night alone. After completing a custom engagement ring, I was ready for a glass of wine and some quiet time. Alas, I am a glutton for punishment, err, I love to be around people and put off the necessary things in life. I headed to the Old Post for dinner with a friend, and then headed downstairs for a wine tasting...more on that soon.

To fulfill my monthly design project (sorry, I've fallen on the wayside) here is an awesome diamond that I designed a stunning mounting for.


Buddhist_philosopher said...

Awesome design, awesome pics, awesome people. :)

Julie said...

Thanks! It's been kind of a creative week for me. Will have a lot more designs to add here soon!