Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trip summary and contemplating things...

I was in Moab for five days, and found myself wondering if I didn't have a steady job, would I stay in one place for an extended period of time. (I think I even mentioned this to Justin when I returned). I have never traveled the world and I now find myself regretting it. Missoula is the farthest away from "home" that I have ever lived, however, I feel more at home here than I ever did back there.

I know that I have to have nature around me. Be it mountains, desert or otherwise, as long as a walk in the woods or a stroll along a river is close at hand, I will be at peace.

Recently, a conflict in my personal and professional life made me wonder another I where I am supposed to be professionally? Should I remain a jeweler and designer, or should I search out another career? It seems that no matter what I do, or how well I do it, I can't satisfy everyone. My family and close friends say that I was born to design...sometimes I agree, other times, not so much. With design comes the stress to be perfect and please everyone, which is impossible. I have a hard enough time satisfying myself, as I am my own worst critic. Ultimately, I know that I will always be a jeweler. It is what I love, but sometimes exploring other options is important as well.

It also seems that I am in a darker mood lately. I am correlating it with my trip to Iowa last month. I don't think anything happened to set me off but I do realize that I haven't been as diligent on taking my vitamins since my return. Perhaps it is related, or it may be that I am just impatient for Spring to stay and turn into Summer. Only time will tell, but in the meantime, I am trying to be bubbly again.

Back to my trip to Moab...I did have a good time. Mindy and I hiked 90% of Arches National Park in two days. I took almost 500 pictures and am looking forward to editing and printing some out (a few of my favorites are below). I had some car troubles on Saturday, the day before my return, that ended up putting me in a foul mood, but I let it go, with the help of a few beers and some ranting. I am happy to say that Jiffy Lube is going to foot the bill for the repair, which was necessary because of them. I've never had car troubles on a trip so I guess I was due.

Morning light at Balanced Rock

Sunset in the canyon

Delicate Arch

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