Monday, March 30, 2009

Study study again. I have been working on my Italian quite a bit in the past few days. Tonight, as I learned how to order qualcose da mangiare (something to eat) and made more flashcards, I thought back to my college years. The only class I really needed to study for was art history. I don't recall ever making flashcards for it, but I do remember typing out my notes from class as soon as I got back to my room, and then going over them every weekend. What also proved to be a huge help was my sister. She would quiz me a day or two before my exams, and that was probably a large factor in my receiving high marks on all of my tests.

She is not here to quiz me in Italian, however, so I must resort to flashcards. It is kind of fun though. Learning a new language at 29 is surely harder than it would have been had I done it while in grade school, or at least high school, but I am really getting in to it now. Soon, very soon (ok, in the next few months) I hope to do an entire blog post in Italian.

I wonder if I can learn by osmosis... :)

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