Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Talk about a rough night. Make that two rough nights. I was in bed by 11pm Monday night and thought that I was tired. Boy was I wrong. At 1:30am I was still awake (and not the least bit tired) and my mind was racing. I just couldn't quiet it. Oliver (my cat) was even suffering from insomnia. I decided to get up for a bit and walked around the apartment, thinking that a little bit of movement would relax me. Finally, sometime after 3am, I fell asleep. Morning came too quickly and I was off to a rough start. My travel induced cold had returned, along with a severe headache and stomach ache. I headed home early to take a nap, which seemed to be a repeat attempt of the night before. Sleep was not an easy endeavor, though it did find me for a little over an hour. Better than nothing.

Tuesday night was much of the same. Although, while I lie awake (and not tired, again) I realized there was a difference in this episode of sleeplessness. I was not anxious about anything, as I had been the night before. I was just thinking. About Italy, work, jewelry, the weather, my house still for sale in Iowa...anything that popped into my head. I tried (seriously) mindfulness of breathing meditation as I stretched out in bed, to no avail. Around 5:30am I decided that I should move to the couch. I fell into a restless and strange dream filled sleep until 7:15am. How frustrating!

I made it through work pretty well. I do have to say that I usually operate well on very little sleep, however, I am feeling the affects tonight. My head hurts terribly, and I am finally tired, although, not exhausted. I can only hope that sleep will quickly find me tonight. I don't know what I could possibly fill a third night with.

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