Friday, March 20, 2009

More time

I waste so much time. Mostly surfing the internet, or channel surfing on TV, only to find that there is never anything worthwhile on. So, this month will be the last month that I have cable. It will save me $22 (not much, but hey, every little bit helps), and most of all, stop wasting my time. I have many other things that I want to do instead of sit in front of the TV.

They are:

Learn Italian (I've decided that I am going this year)
Design more jewelry
Enter more contests
Build a bicycle
Go on evening bike rides with friends
More hiking
Backpack camp instead of car camp
Photography of anything and everything
Read in the park

You get the idea. I've realized that time seems to be going faster and faster, and I need to get the most out of this life of mine.


Jennifer said...

Call me anytime for evening bike rides!!m

Julie said...

Will do, as soon as I have a bike!

UrbanCycleJockey said...

I think you will be happy with the results. You and I share the goal of building a bike. I've decided that going car free will be easier with two bikes. I'm going to turn my current road bike into the "truck" for hauling things and for long riders, and hopefully build a fixed-gear commuter. we might be able to help each other out.


Julie said...

Lewis- sounds good. I may need all the help I can get. My plan is to start at free cycles this weekend. Any tips are greatly appreciated!

UrbanCycleJockey said...

I've never actually been to free cycles, but I do have an old junker from a friend that I was planning on giving them to part out. My first step will most likely be to find an old frame on ebay to work off of and scrap togther the rest of the parts over a few months

Anonymous said...

Hey, I totally agree that you should be learning some Italian...I don't want to be the only one botching up their language when we get there!!!!

Buddhist_philosopher said...

Yay bikes, yay Italian. I'm always up for a bike ride and being sweet-talked in Italian... :)

Frank Wetzel said...

I definitely recommend getting started at free cycles, though it might take more than a couple visits to build a bike. I have never finished a bike there, but it is a great place to get all sorts of questions answered!
You can also find some decent bikes at some of the thrift stores like the WE BUY- ANYTHING -STORE over by the Iron Horse downtown. I guess there are a few more places too, on the other side of the river by the hip strip there's a little store with a usually good selection of bikes. Good luck with it and when the snow disappears I hope you have an awesome spring!