Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dinner with friends

Just a couple of weeks ago, Justin was commenting on how he would like to make dinner with friends more often, and I agreed. There is something about making a meal with people you care about, and all enjoying it, and one another at the same time, together. Perhaps this is my sense of family here in Montana, or perhaps it is just me wanting to be around more people, doing something I love, cooking.

Dinner with friends seems to be happening on a more regular basis for me. Last Saturday, dinner included spaghetti squash soup, a wonderful quiche with artichokes and bok choy, and sauteed kale with marinated tofu. Six of us all gathered together to enjoy dinner and then bowling.

Tonight, Blake, Nora, Justin and I all made yet another squash dinner, with a Mexican mole sauce, rice and tortillas. Dinner is over, and I am here, at my computer, while the other three are discussing theology, politics, and philosophy.

I'm wanting to stay on the sidelines tonight, not knowing anything about what they are talking about, and being perfectly alright with that. I don't feel left out, and I don't want to join in. I find it more interesting to listen, like a fly on the wall, to what they are all very passionate about.

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Mindy said...

My friend; I am happy that your are content with your friends and happy in MT. However, I must say that I am not happy to hear that you are sitting on the side thinking you don't know what your friends are discussing! You have a brilliant mind and I have enjoyed being apart of our philosophy of live, laugh and drink then drink more! It may sound simple and crazy, but its us. I miss us!