Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stressed? Not me!

A lot of people might think that deciding to move out on a Wednesday, and actually doing it by the following Monday would stress me out. Those same people might also think that I would be stressed out, or at least unsettled by living in an apartment with just the bare essentials for three weeks. None of the above is true...this time.

When I moved to Montana fifteen and a half months ago, I started packing over a month ahead of time. The same goes for this past summer, when I changed apartments. I felt that it was necessary to do this. Now, I know that I can pack and move, and clean my place of residence in just two very long days.

By the end of the actual moving day, Monday, I was exhausted, annoyed, and just ready to be done. With the help of my wonderful boyfriend and my boss, I was out of my apartment and into my temporary place. The last minute cleaning and removing of my stuff was getting to me, and Justin could see that I just needed to be done with it. He stopped his preparation for the class he was teaching the next day to help me, yet again. This saved me at least an hour, and I am greatly appreciative.

I sit here now, having just done laundry for the first time in three weeks, and feel even more like I am crowding Blake and Justin. They both assure me that I am not, and that I must consider this home for now. So...I do. :)

While I could be stressed out at the prospect of moving twice in three weeks, and with the final move being 8 days before my departure for Italy, I am not. Perhaps a bit anxious and excited for both of my impending adventures, I am just taking one day at a time.


Buddhist_philosopher said...

you are amazing! And I can't wait till we are in OUR place together :)

Julie said...

Thanks Justin! I look forward to OUR apartment as well...sure to be a great experience.