Wednesday, January 7, 2009


My holiday guest has left and last night was my first real night by myself. It was great. I got a lot accomplished and enjoyed some reading and of course online surfing.

Going through a closet, I found several items which I had thought didn't make it in the move. It got me thinking that I have way too much stuff. Stuff I don't need and didn't even remember that I had, and I just moved and went through everything eight months ago! I think back to how easy it was too move just about 7 years ago...I had a bed and a few personal things that I could pack up and move in about a day. Now it takes me several days of careful packing, organizing and then actually moving. Geesh! And it's still only me! I have found that in the last several months, I am not adding to the physical "baggage" that I have. I am hoping to keep it that way, and don't think I will have any problems with that.

The nice thing about going through things is that it gives me a chance to look back and remember. Good times, bad times, funny times, and of course, sad times. While some of this could be viewed as baggage, I would not be the same without it. I have learned from my past what not to do in my future, or at the very least, to do it or approach it differently. Probably the most important lesson that I learned was to realize when to let go.

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