Saturday, January 24, 2009

Winter in Arizona

When I left Missoula on Friday night it was 20 degrees...I could see my breath in the air and was wishing that I had a heavier coat. When I landed in Mesa, Arizona, it was in the upper 60's and I was overwhelmed with humidity. I hadn't felt this kind of humidity since I was back in Iowa.

My sister and Mindy were there waiting for me, and I couldn't have been happier! Just three weeks since I had seen Mindy, it was a great reunion. However, it had been a bit longer since I had seen Michelle...almost four months to the day to be exact. It was/is almost bittersweet, as we will only have just over two days together. We are making the most of our time though. Enjoying a few drinks together last night, we all called it a night around 1:30am, tired from our travels and wanting to be rested for our fun filled weekend.

Saturday morning we headed to the Air Force base where Mindy works, and then we were off to Nogales, Mexico. This would be my first trip over the border, and it was an eye opener. I believe that I have taken what I have for I don't have to beg on the streets, or barter my goods for next to nothing. Outside every shop there were vendors telling us we should come in to their store. They claimed that they had cheap junk. Yeah, that's just what I need. The walkways were packed with people and stuff. A very claustrophobic environment, but at the same, strangely beautiful.

This evening we met up with a fellow former Iowan for drinks at a local brewery. She joined us at Mindy's apartment for appetizers and supper and then we were off to Hotel Congress for drinks and dancing. Some of Emily's friends joined us and were fun to be around. Good times were had by all and I do look forward to my next visit to Tucson.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we are off to the Sonora Desert Museum. I'm sure that there will be lots to tell about that. Later in the afternoon we will head back to Mesa and meet up with my Aunt and Uncle for supper and cards. Mindy will head back to Tucson and we will stay in Mesa. Our visit will come to a close all to quickly. As for now, I am off to bed, with the windows open to sleep in the fresh air.


Jennifer said...

Hi Julie,
It's even colder now!!! Have a great time!

Buddhist_philosopher said...

Heya Julie,

Can't wait to see your pics and hear more about AZ and Mexico. I know what you mean by clausterphobic, as parts of London (like where I lived) are pretty bad like that. It's not nearly so poor and prevelant as in Mexico, but pretty harsh in its own way.

We reunite soon in Missoula's cold, cold air. :)