Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snowshoeing in Idaho

I can now add snowshoeing as something I've tried. Yet another new experience I have been blessed with.

Arthur, a new friend of mine has just gotten into snowshoeing and I asked if he would mind taking me. I rented some great snowshoes from The Trail Head, got some thermal clothing and was all set. With camera, extra clothes, snacks, and of course, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, we were ready to go!

We set out just after noon from the Lolo Pass visitor center, taking it at a steady pace so I could figure out how to walk with the shoes. It wasn't long before we were surrounded by trees that reminded me just how small I am.

I only lost my balance a couple of times, which, if you know me, you would know that that is amazing. I trip on flat surfaces, so the fact that I didn't roll down at least one hill is a surprise.

There was such amazing beauty out there, and with it, great photographs, great conversation, and the start to what I think will be a great friendship filled with many more outdoor adventures.


Jennifer said...

great pics!! looks like alot of fun!

Julie said...

It was great! I can't wait to go again...of course I would love to go sledding with you and your boys as well! We just need snow here in Missoula!