Friday, August 27, 2010

Photo Friday

Yet another very busy week, with lots to do and not much interest in taking photos. However, that will change today, as I head to Glacier National Park with my parents and my friend Amy.

Last week was a bit difficult for me, as my ex-boyfriend returned from Taiwan to Montana for just about a week. It did to me just what I thought it would; put me in a tailspin so to speak. I never thought that I was over him for the month that he was away but I did feel that I was doing great. I'm doing fine now again, and hopefully I can let go of our relationship for good this time. No one said moving on was easy, but perhaps I can learn something from it.

It was a fun weekend in Helena with his family, as always. His sister is in town for a while and I have enjoyed her company since I met her last Christmas. Such a great family, and so many great memories. I feel blessed to have met this family, and will miss seeing them as frequently as I have in the past. Must learn to let go...

Just yesterday I received my new 50mm lens for my camera. Oliver has always been a great subject, and I'm sure I will have many more subjects to experiment with this weekend.

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