Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wonderful day

I woke up a bit later than I wanted to, but hey, it's my day off and I can do that from time to time. :) I had been looking forward to this day off since the middle of the week because I knew that it was going to be warm enough and the weather was to be clear enough that I would finally be able to run outside again. It had been exactly one month since I had been able to run outside, mostly due to cold weather, icy sidewalks, and dark evenings.

My run was a bit on the slow side, as it was my first run in two weeks, and it was slightly icy in some areas. I managed to get in just under four miles, and would have gone farther if it weren't for the thin coat of ice on the trail.

Upon my return, I enjoyed a couple cups of coffee while reading the Sunday Missoulian, soaking up the sun in our living room. I made lunch/breakfast for Justin and I, and was just thinking about heading down to the river with my camera when Kimber called and asked if I would like to join her and Ilsa (dog) for a walk along the river. How perfect! We wandered for an hour, stopping and throwing a stick for the dog, taking in the many other people who were out enjoying the day. I was still on my running high and actually wanted to go for another run!

After our walk, we headed to The Good Food Store for tea and sat outside people watching for another hour. I think between running this morning, and my time outside with Kimber in the sun, I have been kissed by the sun more today than the entire month of December...and I love it!

Just now, as the sun sets behind the Montana mountains, I hope that it will be out tomorrow, but for now, the sun can rest for the night. It had a long day.

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