Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What not to do...

I've been kinda sorta training for my first Marathon that is this weekend. My trip to Italy and the two weeks off from that training was the start to my downfall. Upon my return, I threw myself back into running three to four times a week, with at least one "longer" run. The lack of sunshine and warmth here in Montana in November/December zapped what energy I did have, making the longer runs in the middle of the week impossible. Add to that, the super cold weather we have for a week at the beginning of December, and then the following week being icy, I was unable to run outside, which is where I prefer.

I struggled with running at the gym on a treadmill, often times quitting early because of an ache in my knee, or being just plain bored. To keep up my leg strength, I started taking a spinning class two to three times per week, and it turns out I love it!

With the holidays over and the Marathon under three weeks out, I made the sensible decision that I would run the 1/2 Marathon, rather than risk injury during the race, and not finishing anyway. I decided I should start running more than spinning, and found that inside, I am much better on the treadmill when I listen to music, which is something that I had abandoned in late October while running outside with Justin. So my last several runs inside have been helpful, however, I still feel under-trained even for a 1/2 Marathon. My legs are strong, but my endurance is lower than it was before.

What I learned this past Sunday was, that you shouldn't thrown something new into your routine when you are a week out from a race. I ran on the treadmill at the gym, then did some leg circuit training with Kimber, during which I notice a pain in my right knee. Then, we did and hour of yoga with a class. This being my first experience with yoga (I liked it), I probably was into it a bit more than I should have been. My knee pain gradually got worse after class and into the evening. I wrapped it in heat and that seemed to help. Monday was a very painful day, and today, I seem to be almost back to normal. I will run Wednesday and Thursday, and then rest for the remaining days leading up to the race.

Sunday, it's on. My goal will be too finish in 1:55, about 3 1/2 minutes faster than my first 1/2 Marathon. My twin sister and Aunt and Uncle will be in Phoenix cheering Mindy and I on.


Jennifer said...

I will be cheering for from here! Have fun!!

Buddhist_philosopher said...
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Buddhist_philosopher said...

I'm super proud of you for keeping up our training as well as you did - winter in MT is HARD. So you owe yourself a very big pat on the back for running the half on Sunday.

Take it easy at the start (the best advice that nobody takes); and have FUN. This is a vacation, don't forget. And you'll have plenty of chances to run hard -with me- as we train for the full in Missoula :)