Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The sweet isn't as sweet...

For those of you unfamiliar with the phrase, it concludes with "without the sour". Lately I am starting to realize this. None of these realizations are bad...I just now have the opportunity to think about it.

To start, last weekend, I helped move Justin into his new place. Most of his belongings are gone from my apartment, and he is working on getting settled and spending his first night there tonight. He was a great roommate! I know that I will miss falling asleep with him
every night, and miss having coffee with him almost every morning. You get the idea. It was fun...after dinner many nights we would walk around outside and take sunset photos, sit in the hot tub, enjoy wine and many conversations. So much sweet...

What I realized while Justin was staying with me, was that I do need alone time. I suppose this is something that I just got used to not having, until I moved to Montana and lived alone for the first time in three years.

As I prepare to move to a more central location in June, I find myself wondering...is a nice neighborhood setting more important than the view? I've grown to love Lolo Peak, but have noticed that in town, you really can't see much. I realize that the views will always be a short bike and hike away, however, it is nice to just step outside my door and there it is. I have grown restless in my apartment complex though, and I am sure that my desire to have a more homey feeling residence will beat out the view, unless I can get both!

Experiences are priceless...regardless of whether they are sweet...or sour.

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