Thursday, May 21, 2009

20 different directions

This week has been crazy. Actually, the last couple of weeks have been just a notch below this week on the crazy scale. I've been overbooked on repairs much of the time, only to find that the next day I don't have enough to do, and then the day after that, being overbooked yet again.

On top of being super busy, my coworkers have come to me several times asking if I can squeeze something else in. Of course, they aren't really asking. I know that I should accommodate them, especially if it is a decent sale, but part of me is getting very annoyed with our societies need for instant gratification. Really, do you need it NOW? You haven't had this thing at all, so what makes it suddenly so important that you can't possibly be without it for a day or two?

The week promises to continue in much of the same fashion. My store is having a special sale this weekend for which we have brought in extra jewelry, diamonds and gemstones. With this remount show comes the rush of "hurry up and finish this," of which I should be used to considering the last couple of weeks, however, I feel that some people (coworkers and customers) will have unrealistic expectations. At these sure to be stressful moments, I must remember what I am capable of.

Though the last couple of weeks have been stress filled at work, all is well on the home front. I am able to vent, which for me is very helpful, albeit sometimes a bit redundant.

I start everyday knowing that things could be worse, but wishing they were...easier.

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