Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An evening with Kalai

Last night I was delighted to babysit my boss's 7 month old son. He is such a good baby and everytime I get to hang out with him, he somehow makes me chill out. Kalai is not yet crawling, but is quite the scooter. He likes to use people and furniture to stand up against. I suspect that he will be even more of a handful in the coming weeks. Good luck Landon and Mo!

Kalai tried to make me look bad at the very end. He had been perfectly happy all evening and then he decided to start crying 5-10 minutes before Mom and Dad came home. Of course, when he saw them, he was all smiles again. I guess no one can replace the comfort that mom and dad can give.

While it is no secret that I want children someday, I am just fine with it being me and Oliver. In the meantime, I have friends here with children, and I will get my fix with their little ones, and if/when they get difficult, I can just hand them back over :)

Kalai is all smiles...95% of the time.

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