Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Just about a month ago, I woke up with horrible lower back pain. I would say that it was worse than my hip injury last summer so I headed to a new chiropractor. Don Butler has worked wonders for me. I started under his care on February 2 and noticed great improvement within a week. I had a bulging disc in my lower back which had I let it go, would have required surgery. Now, no surgery is necessary! Three weeks later, I am feeling great... My posture has improved, I am able to touch past my toes without very much strain (which is kind of a new thing) and am now encouraged to start back into my workout routine (not 100% yet). While I do have a bit of pain in my hip (still from previous injury, and from being adjusted so much) I am truly greatful for the care I have recieved from Dr. Don. I know that a lot of people don't believe in Chiropractic care, but I do. I have seen how much it helps and recommend it to anyone, and Dr. Don is the best!

Unfortunately, my health insurance does not cover this expense. I am happy to say that I am spending very little compared to what I would had I needed surgery, however it does change my plans a bit. I was planning on returning to Iowa for a visit sometime this Spring. That and my trip to Italy may need to be put on hold for a bit longer...I am obviously not happy about this. I am also not careless with money and am being as thrifty as I can be (okay, so I did buy a nice camera last fall, but that's it!). What has made my situation even more difficult is that I am still paying for half of a mortgage back home. If only the house would sell, things would be so much better.

Besides putting my more costly adventures on hold, I am doing great! I am looking forward to Spring and Summer here in Montana. In April, I plan to drive to Moab, Utah to meet Mindy and finally return her fish. (This is just an excuse to go to Arches and hang out with Mindy, but it is also the only way to return Badass the fish). I am also ready to do some hiking and nature photography around the West and in parts of Montana that I have not yet visited.

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