Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day = not so bad

In the past, I have hated February's romantic holiday. Not because I have been scorned or left broken-hearted, but rather because I think that it is a stupid holiday. It was originally established in honor of two early Christian martyrs, but is more widely known now as a holiday in which lovers show their affection. I'm all for affection, but do we really need a specific day for it? Why not express how you feel when you want?

I suppose another reason that I dislike it is that I think it is a commercialized holiday now. Flower shops jack up their prices, candy is expensive (not to mention not good for you), and it causes a lot of stress! People may say that I am a hypocrite, as I am in the jewelry business, but I have never, nor will I (probably) ever want to receive jewelry due to this holiday.

This year, what we did together could easily have happened on any other day of the year. It was a special night out, but not stressful at all. Justin made dinner, we went to a production at the university, and then we hiked (I wobbled, due to a painful hip) up the back of Mount Sentinel to take photographs. We made it back down the mountain around 3:20 am. Both exhausted, both happy to have spent an adventurous evening together.

I don't need a holiday to show my special someone how I feel, but I would have to say that this year was my favorite Valentine's day yet.

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