Monday, March 29, 2010


Today, my MacBook Pro arrived. I opted for the 13" instead of a larger one, against the advice from several friends. I am not disappointed at all. Had I gone with the larger display, I think that it would have been too cumbersome for this little gal, and it would have not been as easy to stuff in my shoulder bag.

The whole point of upgrading to a Mac was to make my photography easier to organize and manipulate. Also, the old Dell was just getting too slow. With only a few gigs left on it's 40 gig hard drive (and overflow on an external drive), and only one gig of RAM, it just couldn't keep up. The Mac has a 250 gig hard drive, a 4 gigs of RAM (I think that's how it's said), Aperture 3, and so many other little tricks up it's sleeve, it will be keeping me on my toes for several days. I'm not sure about their weight differences, but the Mac is definitely smaller, with a 1" smaller screen, that was to be expected, but also, it is almost half as thick as the Dell. Another bonus is that the new machine has a built-in camera, so no more cord to hook up my Logitech camera.

The uploading begins...

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