Monday, March 22, 2010

Goodbyes are sweeter with cheesecake

My cheesecakes have become a famous treat. Former co-workers back in Iowa still comment about them, and say that when I visit, I should also plan on making a cake just for them. While I have no plans to go home anytime soon, I think that I can arrange that when the time comes. Currently I have an Apple Pie Cheesecake in the oven for Jim, my assistant manager. His last day at work is either Friday or Saturday, as he has just accepted a job in Maryland, which is where he is from. While I am very happy for his new opportunity, I will miss him dearly, as he has become one of my greatest friends here. When he first told me of his plans to move last fall, all I could think was "NO!" not you! He assured me that of all the people here in Missoula, the person he was sure he would stay in touch with was me. I agreed wholeheartedly, and now know that I will have a place to stay on the East coast.

Back home it was kind of my tradition to make the cheesecake of choice for the birthday boy/girl, which I have kind of kept up with here as well. I have also tended to do it when I moved away/to a new place, and for when a friend moves away. Jim's two favorite deserts are Apple Pie, and of course, Cheesecake. How wonderful it is that I have a delicious recipe just for him!

Best of luck Jim!

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