Saturday, January 22, 2011

Women Who Wine

I'm a bit behind this week, due to a busy schedule and traveling to Missoula, which is where I am currently. On Thursday evening, I attended my first Women Who Wine party. WWW is a non-profit that generates funds for other non-profit organizations in the area (Bozeman). So basically it is a bunch of great women drinking wine, getting to know one another, with a guest from that month's organization. I'll have to be invited to go at least two more times, and then be invited to become a regular "winer". Sounds like a good thing to be :)

For circle (where we all get to know one another) we were to introduce ourselves and where we worked, as well as an epiphany we'd had in the last couple of month, and let the other know what we needed. Well, I work for North American Gemological Laboratory in Bozeman, MT, my epiphanies were that after six years of moving and never really being settled, I am now, at 31 years of age, ready to set some roots and watch them grow. And...I am finally starting my own business, as discussed in an earlier post. What I need was a therapist...for my dog Twist, as well as a playmate for him, and a snowshoeing buddy for myself.

What a great night...

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