Monday, May 10, 2010


Spring is a time of rebirth, allergies, and yes, Spring cleaning. As the trees are putting out more leaves every day, the flowers are also starting to bloom after a long rest here in Montana. I find myself still looking forward to even warmer days, and mornings where I can lazily sip my coffee in the backyard. Perhaps I should slow down and enjoy the crisp morning air, that is, if I can stop sneezing long enough to stay out in it!

Ah...choo! I've been battling allergies pretty badly since December. I'm not really sure what I'm allergic to, but whatever it is, it seems to be worse in the morning and afternoon. On my run tonight, nothing in the air bothered me, and I'm still not sneezing. Although, it could be that I remembered to take an allergy pill this morning.

As for Spring cleaning, I have yet to really start. I try to keep up on the dust bunnies but the basement still needs work, as do other areas. I don't just think that cleaning is "cleaning". In the last couple of weeks I have tried to alleviate the drama in my life, and if I can't change/manage it, I've tried to either ignore it or realize that it really doesn't matter. Still, I think that this Spring has been a cleansing one, preparing me for what lies ahead in my life.

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