Thursday, April 15, 2010

Busy bee

I've kind of fallen out of my blog habit. With work, running, hanging out with friends, and working on my class, it just isn't a priority.

I'm pluggin' away on my class, hoping to finish in the next month or so. It is going a bit slower than I would like, as I am just under halfway through with it and I've been working on it for six weeks. Part of this is due to too many distractions. The weather has turned nice again, and I just have to be out in it at night! Also, running 4 days a week takes a bit of my class time away, and when I am able to sit down and work, I am so tried that I start to nod off. Also, this material is familiar to me, but is no longer review. I am learning about how diamonds form, their crystal structure, and how that relates to how they are fashioned into the beautiful gems you see in the jewelry stores. It really is mind blowing what a diamond goes through in it's long life. Just the other day, I had an "aha" moment, when something finally clicked. This moment has triggered a study frenzy in me. I have a newfound drive to learn more, and as quickly as I can!

Our studies will have to be put on hold for about a week, as tomorrow, Justin and I head to Jackson, WY for a five day retreat. It will be my first and I am looking forward to what I will take away from it. My mind is so overloaded right now, that it is driving me crazy. To be able to slow it down for a few days at least will be a welcome treat. The Grand Tetons are a favorite place of mine so it will be a splendid week, with camping for two nights after the retreat to spend time in nature with my camera and Justin.


Buddhist_philosopher said...

yes, I can see that work is really getting in the way of your blogging :) - Soon you'll be taking long lunches to meet your boyfriend at the tennis courts :)

Looking forward to our trip!

Julie said...

Ha! I squeezed it in. Just as I am squeezing this comment in!

T minus 55 minutes until I am officially on vacation!