Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Busy Bee

It's hard to imagine that we are nearly to the middle of February already...time certainly has ticked by.

I've already finished, and aced my first class, and am waiting, albeit, a bit impatiently for my next class to become accessible online, which I found out could be another five days. The reason for the delay is that I am now enrolling through my company. They are helping out financially, which is nice, however, I'm a bit annoyed that the processing takes longer. I can't help but think that I would be over halfway through my next course had I just enrolled as I had before. I guess if they are helping though, I shouldn't complain. Another change in furthering my education is that I have to switch gears and complete the diamond courses first, as 70% of our business is diamond product. That's all fine and dandy as a salesperson, but as a bench jeweler, I think that it is far more important for me to be able to identify the many colored stones that come across my bench. Ah well...

Nearly two weeks ago, Justin and I headed up to Lolo Pass to do some snowshoeing. It was great to be outdoors and play in the snow. We shuffled along in the snow for at least two hours, all the while it was snowing quite heavily. I wore my hiking shoes for the first time in the snow and was happy to have dry feet at the end of our excursion. My fingers had started to get cold from taking my gloves off to take photos. I have decided that I need to get some glomitts, gloves with the fingers cut off and a mitten that flips over them when you don't need exposed fingers. I do believe that I will be heading to REI before my next outdoor adventure.

I've also started taking part in a photo journal for lack of a better description. My friend Chris back in Iowa started it on his blog Photography 139. Every week he picks a word from a list and our project is to go capture that word in a picture. This week's word is Adventure, and Chris stated that this should be an easy topic for someone as active as I am. Hmm, perhaps I should go skydiving this weekend. HA! Just kidding.

This past Sunday, Justin and I headed to Jackson, MT to enjoy the super hot Hot Springs there. A few friends joined us and we had a great time. I really enjoyed the lodge, and the drive was very beautiful. Talk about getting out of the city! In the middle of nowhere, the next closest town was 18 miles away, and it was only slightly larger than Jackson (pop. 34). The sky truly is BIG out there.

Tonight is kind of a chill night. Justin has left for a few days to be with his extended family in Kansas, leaving me to my own devices until Sunday afternoon. Hopefully, I will tie up some loose ends here and finish my own projects in my spare time (if that even exists).

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